About Sufeitula

For thousands of years, olive oil had occupied a prominent place in all the great civilizations that flourished in Tunisia. Indeed, the olive was cultivated by Phoenicians, Greeks, Carthaginians, Romans and Arabs, in a tradition passed from father to son.The cultivation of olives in Tunisia dates from the 8th century BC. J.-C, even before the foundation of Carthage by Queen Dido. The Phoenicians were the first to present this crop in North Africa.During the Carthaginian period, the cultivation of olives spread by granting several advantages to the farmers. The expansion continued thanks to the Romans who installed intensified irrigation techniques and revolutionized olive oil extraction techniques.

Our History

The city was founded by the Romans, in the Flavian dynasty, probably in the second half of the first century2. The Roman armies have just pacified the region then under attack from the Moors presented as the real barbarians of Africa3, and land is allocated to veterans who can thus protect the borders from foreign incursions. This is how the cities of Sufeitula and Cillium (now Kasserine) are born, 35 km away. Lying halfway between the north and the south of the province of Africa, in Byzacene, the city of Sufetula is experiencing significant economic and urban development. The monuments, which can still be visited, bear witness to this: the houses, the forum, the temples, the thermal baths, etc. The city then served as a road junction and a commercial and agricultural center. Its economy is essentially centered on agriculture, and in particular on the cultivation of the olive tree for the production of oil.

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