SUFEITULA is a brand of olive oil with an international influence.

The city was founded by the Romans, in the Flavian dynasty, probably in the second half of the first century2. The Roman armies have just pacified the region then under attack from the Moors presented as the real barbarians of Africa3, and land is allocated to veterans who can thus protect the borders from foreign incursions. This is how the cities of Sufeitula and Cillium (now Kasserine) are born, 35 kilometers apart. Lying halfway between the north and the south of the province of Africa, in Byzacene, the city of Sufetula is experiencing significant economic and urban development. The monuments, which can still be visited, bear witness to this: the houses, the forum, the temples, the thermal baths, etc.

The city then served as a road junction and a commercial and agricultural center. Its economy is essentially centered on agriculture, and in particular on the cultivation of the olive tree for the production of oil.
Thanks to Vespasien, the culture of the olive tree is developing throughout the region, as well as almonds, figs, These products are exported throughout the Mediterranean basin
To immortalize this installation on this new land and in memory of Vespasian, a triumphal arch evoking strength and prosperity.  Archaeological site located in Sbeïtla, vestige of ancient Sufetula, city founded by the Romans, in the Flavian dynasty, during the first century AD. Remains of the oil mill and the press. In the background the temples of the forum

The olive and oil existed in Tunisia long before the arrival of the Romans. The oil of olive berries (zebouj or azemmour) is also used before the introduction of the olive tree by the Phoenicians. During the Roman era, the development of the culture of the olive tree became the guarantor of social peace. The oil supplied to the « masses » helps calm riots and rebellions.

Very quickly, Tunisian olive oil is found throughout the Mediterranean basin and its trade is the source of immense fortunes and brilliant political careers. Olive oil invariably permeates the imagination and the symbolic.

You could say that in Tunisia, the olive tree is king!

With a heritage of over 3,000 years, we produce our olive oil in accordance with the strictest quality standards, always pick our olives by hand and work our olive fields without using chemicals. Proud of this heritage,

SUFEITULA is a quality oil for everyday use. Its mild taste does not prevail over the other ingredients. It is ideal for cooking, sauces, salads, grills and even pastries.